Tim Palen Lionsgate

New Era

Tim Palen was the Chief Creative Officer of Lionsgate. Tim had a throne in his studio in which he used for various campaigns, would get celebrities and models to sit in for impromptu photos, and as just a simply bad-ass piece to incorporate into any image making. He wanted to design an exclusive cap to use during these photo sessions.

Creative Direction: Tim Palen

Design: Mario Foresta


White Cashmere

This white cashmere 59FIFTY Fitted was the result of our design workshops together, amongst many other things.



“Award-winning fine art photographer Tim Palen serves up a visionary collection of images in his debut book collection GUTS, culled from his work in and around the marketing of six cutting-edge horror films, Hostel I and II and SAW I, II, III and IV.”

We decided to sublimate images from his books at close cropped range, then applied a wax coating to the cap material after sublimation, giving it a creepily-slimy hand feel that added to the sensory effect that his images evoked.



More cap views from the collection highlighting his other fantasy photography. This cap boasts a fully engineered interior sublimated liner. Tim and I both pay close attention to detail, and this is a prime example of premium construction.

And to finish off our design time together, we uncovered his love for K9’s, his 3 in particular. We did a couple of caps for fun that featured their faces, and custom collars.