Sunny Day Edible Company approached me to help them brand their new THC and CBD edible company. The Cannabis industry is booming, and I’ve been approached by a few growers and companies who want to brand their medicinal and recreational product. You can check out more at After meeting with the the owners, and interviewing them, we actually conceived the name Sunny Day after the 2 most common words that came up during their explanation of their product and their vision of their product were “sunny” and “daytime.”

Art Direction & Branding: Mario Foresta



Developing the Mood

We combed through the internet to find images that felt like they portrayed the mood of Sunny Day Edibles. Imagery is a very important process in presenting the direction to the client.



With the help of my friend Ray Dombrowski, we devleoped this logo. We wanted a logo that could be easily embossed or printed on products, and that gave the viewer an instant idea of what the brand was about. Although Sunny Day Edibles aren’t available for retail just yet, I look forward to seeing the final product.