Fiji Pro

Print, Product, Marketing Campaign

The Fiji Pro took place in Namotu, Fiji, and is always an epic event from an athlete, and and activation standpoint. The locatoin makes travel difficult and expensive, which makes activation for brands even more difficult. Here are some print, and product stories we put together at the event.

Creative Direction: Mario Foresta / Braden Dahl

Design: Mario Foresta



We decided that the logo should have a small subversive-aspect to it, without being overtly promiscuous. I came up with this design after brainstorming about fiji, beaches, and waves.



We started by conceptualizing a poster design series based off the “I Heart Logo” we developed. We used the posters to adorn the small island sections used by most of the spectators as they headed towards the event.



We dediced to also offer a special marketing capsule collection for the photographers of the event. We designed the ear-flap legionaire cap where the visor was made out of a less rigid material allowing the wearer button the visor to the top of the cap. This allowed the photographer to protect their neck from the sun, and not have to worry about he visor getting in the way when looking through the view finder. We also developed a special camera bag to gift as well.


The “I Heart Logo” and program was received so well we took that theme to the other events and locations for the WSL tour. They Included Cabo, and Huntington Beach.


We decided to do a small run of digital printed posters on heavy weight 30LB bleached kraft paper. The paper had an off white hue so it helped bring all the colors together and giving the poster gift a different feel than you would think of coming from a digital print.



Poster Series for Gifting