Coachella.New Era

2015 - 2018

Coachella Music and Arts Festival is arguably one of the most well known festivals of its kind taking place in the world today. I’ve been lucky enough to work with James, Edoardo, and the Coachella team producing great product lines and consumer experiences for the 2 week long event

Creative Direction: Mario Foresta / Edoardo Chavarin (http://www.edoardochavarin.com)

Design: Mario Foresta / Edoardo Chavarin / James Allen

Art Direction: James Allen / Edoardo Chavarin

Marketing and Production: Jesse May / Eddie Capobianco / Jason Kim


Custom Bandanas

Dust becomes an issue during the long, hot days at Coachella. We designed custom bandanas to help solve that problem.

We successfully incorporated the entire color palette of Coachella 2018 into the 3-piece bandana collection for sale in the exclusive art shop. this was an important, but seldom realized detail that alluded to the eclectic and broad spectrum of musical and artistic talent that performs at the festival.


Consumer Experience

To make the consumer experience complete, we designed a new era vip lounge, and mini-mart to showcase the collection. to add coherency to the experience, we maintained the color palette so a color theme was noticeable from the hats, to the bandanas, to the wall color, to the social media campaign. this allowed us to grow our headwear over 200% yoy from 2017.



We completed the festival consumer experience by offering a fully bespoke section where you could customize your cap. Every person could add their personal style to the piece and make it their festival piece. Visors, Patches, snapback colors etc. were all customizable.